Seasonal Maintenance Information

Dryer Clean & Check

Each year, according to the Consumer Protection Agency, over 16,000 residential fires originate from unsafe dryer exhaust. 

Is your:

  • Dryer operating efficiently?
  • Dryer pipe connected to outside vent?
  • Dryer pipe filled with lint?
  • Outside dryer pipe clean of debris?
Dryer Cleaning
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Furnace Clean & Check

As per furnace manufactures requirements and the fire safety department, furnaces should be cleaned and inspected annually.

Is your:

  • Furnace firing properly?
  • Electrical wiring burned?
  • Unit operating efficiently?
  • Blower area clear of debris?
Furnace Check
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CO Testing

Carbon Monoxide (CO) does not have a taste or smell and can not be seen.  CO is produced by all gas burning appliances such as your furnace, boiler, stove and water heater.

According to an E PA report, CO detectors are not generally considered to be as reliable as smoke detectors.  Neglected units can cause severe sickness and even death.  CO tests are recommended each Fall.

CO Testing
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Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is economical and keeps your home comfortable. Does your thermostat:

  • Automatically change temperature settings?
  • Program easily?
  • Save you money?
  • Do you want a "user-friendly" thermostat?
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Air Conditioning

Why is it important to clean my air conditioning unit?  Because annual cleanings prolog the life of your air conditioning unit as well as:

  • Enhancing cool air flow throughout the house.
  • Enabling the unit to run efficiently.
  • Prevents hazardous operation.
  • Removes rodents and other debris.
Air Conditioning

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